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Changes to wet weather games

At a meeting held this week at the SSFA the following information has been provided to clubs in relation to the wet weather situation we are all frustratingly caught in.

Clubs and the SSFA are trying their best to get everyone “safely” on the pitch to play as many games of football as possible. The following information is a change in concept moving forward in order to help us get back to playing when and where we can.

MiniRoo Football/Washed out Rounds

Going forward in 2022 MiniRoo (U06 to U11) matches will be played on playable fields even when competition matches are cancelled.

That is, if a field is deemed playable, MiniRoo matches scheduled at that field will proceed as per the draw. But, no changes in times or location of other MiniRoo matches will be considered. (i.e. MiniRoo matches at fields deemed not playable will not proceed).

Clubs will be notified of such instances via the normal weekend wet weather process (email and on the SSFA Website).

Competition Games/Wet Weather

Going forward in 2022 when fields are deemed playable during wet weather, matches on those grounds will still be played as scheduled. This may result in some competitions not being completed, and therefore teams who have played will gain no points. When all matches in a grade are completed then points will stand.


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